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Whether it’s the traditional red rose to symbolize love or another one of the beautiful colors we carry, the gift of roses is always appropriate. Celebrate your next occasion with these timeless flowers beautifully arranged by Gillespie Florists.

Special Valentine's Day Delivery Announcement

We pride ourselves on quality products and services. We do our best to accommodate our customer's delivery time requests, however beginning Tuesday, February 13th, we will no longer be accepting requests for morning or timed deliveries for Wednesday, February 14th.

Due to the volume of deliveries scheduled during this period, we cannot guarantee a specific time for Wednesday delivery. All orders received on Tuesday, February 13th for delivery on Wednesday, February 14th will automatically be scheduled for afternoon delivery regardless of any special time requests on the order.

Request Flex Delivery to save $5 on your order! When you choose Flex Delivery, your order will be delivered between February 10th - 14th, at our earliest opportunity.